Base Camp Denver

Launch Party in Denver, December 3, 2018

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Base Camp Denver: 101 Hikes in Colorado’s Front Range

by Pete K.J.

Denver is an awesome base camp. You can hike to the top of a mountain and enjoy the sunrise, and still be at work in the morning. You can relish amazing wilderness on afternoons and weekends, and hit a great restaurant and sleep in your own bed each night. The day hikes herein have been meticulously selected, whittled down from hundreds available within 2.5 hours of the city center. Many are much closer.

With so much great hiking so close to the city, it can be hard to know where to begin. It’s easy to fall into a habit of walking the same handful of beloved trails over and over. Whether you are just beginning to explore the Front Range, or are a seasoned hiker looking to break out of a rut, this book is a ticket to adventure.

Day hikes mean different things to different people. Roughly something between 3 and 11 miles here, each hike brings rewards within the first few miles, and a great feeling of accomplishment in completing the whole walk. Suggested variations and additions seek to lure you back for repeat visits, to further explore your favorite areas.

  • Lavishly illustrated with Pete’s own, beautiful, on-the-trail photos
  • Road maps for each section highlights the trailheads, and adjacent highways
  • At-A-Glance table with each trail for quickly selecting the hike best for you, your family, and your objectives
  • Info for elevation/gain, trail condition, scenery/photo opts, accessibility for kids/other users/dogs, best seasons
  • Simple trail route maps with each trail provide basic orientation
  • Clear and easy-to-follow directions to the trailhead after each hike write up

This book seeks to avoid the bland language endemic to so many hiking guides. “Go here, go there, go back the way you came” is not what you will find. Instead, picture yourself talking with a well-traveled friend who is sharing their favorite parts of their favorite hikes: interesting historical nuggets, what happened geologically to create a magnificent feature, how something got its name, encounters with flora and fauna. Every hike is different and every hike has a story – a hundred stories. It is in the spirit of storytelling that this book was created.

In the hike descriptions themselves, the emphasis is on accuracy, interesting observations, and conciseness. You don’t need an encyclopedia. You need a starting point. A spreadsheet and hike-finder at the end of the book will aid in hike selection, and ratings for difficulty, trail condition, scenery, solitude, and photography are provided with each hike. Within minutes you can read about some great hikes and make your choice. Then you can go out and write your own story, by walking the trail.

About the Author

Pete KJ, world traveler, adventurer and expert hiker

Pete KJ began explorations at age three in the wooded ravine that was his backyard in Seattle. He also began a lifelong writing habit. Backyard expanded as Pete stomped all over the Cascades and Olympics as a youth, and headed onward to the Pyrenees, Alps, Himalayas, and Andes. Peace Corps service in Africa cemented his deep desire to always be out in the world, and when he finally sat in a cubicle as a chemical engineer, it was in places like Puerto Rico and India. Long absent from cubicle, he moved on to raise kids, travel the world with them, and write about it (and also write three novels). Career brought Pete to Colorado in the 1990s; its gravity and beauty pulled him back. Pete’s “Base Camp Denver: 101 Hikes Along Colorado’s Front Range” will be published in December, 2018 by Imbrifex Books.